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Below are some videos I've run across that I've found to be a blessing. Be sure to double-click so you can view the larger screen...

My grandparents were married for 77 years. And one of the greatest gifts my father gave to me before he died was his love and faithfulness to my mom for over 60 yrs. Here's a moving song about staying by one of my favorite artists...

 An excellent message from Pastor Tim Keller on The Reason for God. 


New Studio Recording    House Concert Fund Raiser

Some of you have been asking me when the new songs I've been sharing in concert will be available on CD. Believe me, I would LOVE to record these new songs and get them out there on the radio if possible. Gifts to the ministry at this time of transition are literally keeping us afloat, so I'm unable to use any of those funds towards a new CD project. But... I had an IDEA!

For anyone able to donate $500 or more towards the new recording, I will come to their home and give an acoustic house concert for them and a small gathering of their family, neighbors, and friends. Could be a neat way to kick off the New Year, a Valentines Couple's dinner, a night of prayer and praise or maybe a coffeehouse style outreach to your neighbors. Just a nice intimate way to spend a cold winter's night with friends or your small group from church.

Anyway, if this sounds interesting and you'd like more information about booking a house concert to help fund the next recording, please contact me at blessedhurricane@gmail.com or 484-459-1156.