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Below are some videos I've run across that I've found to be a blessing. Be sure to double-click so you can view the larger screen...

My grandparents were married for 77 years. And one of the greatest gifts my father gave to me before he died was his love and faithfulness to my mom for over 60 yrs. Here's a moving song about staying by one of my favorite artists...

Amazing to read (and hear!) the teachings of A.W. Tozer from 60 years ago, and to realize how spot-on they are today. The Root of the Righteous was such a powerful and prophetic little book. The Pursuit of God is is considered a classic. I strongly encourage you to read some of his writings, to grow deeper in your walk with the Father. If you've got some time, here are some of his messages to listen to that I hope bless you...


Another reason to root for the Iggles...


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OCTOBER 11-13, 2019


Some of you have heard me share how I came to trust Christ as my Savior at Sandy Hill Boys Camp many summers ago as a high schooler. God broke through during a troubled time in my life, and met me as we sang songs to Him in the woods along the Chesapeake. At that time, Sandy Cove was the girls camp next door.

Well years later, Sandy Cove became a family resort, and my bandmates and I have had the privilege of leading worship for the annual men's retreat for a number of years. And each time, I am blown away by how God continues to meet me here along the Chesapeake. The guest speakers are always challenging and inspirational, the food is fantastic, and the fellowship is sweet.

You probably have experienced first hand or read articles on how there's less audible singing in churches these days, especially among men. This is NOT the case at the men's retreat!!! These guys love to sing and they sing LOUD!! Seriously- our times of worship are powerful and I think it's a great encouragement to one another, as we declare the mighty works of God and sing of His amazing grace. I hope you can join us this fall and maybe bring some friends who could use some encouragement.


For more information and sign-up info for the Sandy Cove Men's Retreat

click HERE or call 800.234.COVE (2683).